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Andrew Andoniadis has presented his popular, up beat, nuts n' bolts, profit boosting, museum store seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Canada and in Australia and Europe. They have been attended by hundreds of managers, buyers and salespeople from a wide range of museum stores. Andrew blends extensive, hands-on retailing experience with practicality, humor and a clear understanding of the goals and challenges of museum store management. His seminars reflect his passion for retailing and for your museum's success.

Museum store related seminar and workshop topics include:

Store Function, Layout and Design Workshop

Using our Store Function, Layout and Design Discussion Outline we lead a workshop that will evaluate factors affecting the function, layout and design of your store. Topics can include:

  • Store size
  • Store location
  • Office and storage size
  • Office and storage location
  • Perimeter walls
  • Fixtures in general
  • First fixture
  • Special fixtures
  • Checkout counter(s)
  • Foot-traffic pattern goals
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Communications
  • Flooring
  • Signage
  • Design elements
  • Miscellaneous
         – Doors (How many, locations)
         – Music system (in addition to any audio/visual fixture)
         – Seating
         – Security
         – Dressing rooms
         – Use of common area for retail

    You will be encouraged to edit this list to best meet your needs and to invite everyone associated with the design process.

Keys to a Successful Museum Store Workshop

In these days of accelerating costs and uncertain funding, you need to call on all the resources available to maximize the profitability of your museum store. The focus of this half-day workshop is on giving store management, and a broad range of museum administrators who are responsible for but not involved in the day-to-day operations of the store, a practical outline of components to be monitored and evaluated to assure the maximization of visitor satisfaction and revenue

The list of topics for which specific criterion will be provided include:

  • UBIT and mission-related product considerations
  • Customer service
  • Inventory management
  • Non-economic impact of the store on visitors
  • Store mission statement
  • Managing the store in a professional, business manner
  • Marketing
  • Volunteer and paid staff management
  • Merchandising, display and layout factors
  • Retail pricing issues
  • Financial expectations and comparisons
  • Policies and procedures
  • Practical data collection
  • Generating sales beyond the visitors

Product Selection Focus Group

The main purpose of the PowerPoint augmented Product Selection Focus Group is to gather fresh ideas about specific products, product categories and pricing, and to provide an opportunity for many constituencies to have input into the initial product buying process. Typical contributors include:

  • Current store staff
  • Staff from all facets of the museum
  • Board members, trustees, etc.
  • Known museum store shoppers
  • Inveterate shoppers who have had limited to no experience with the store (They can be friends and neighbors.)

The group is typically limited to about 20 participants and the activity takes about two hours.

Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Museum Store More Profitable

Low-cost, easily executed changes that increase revenue and enhance the visitor experience.

Database and Cross-Marketing

In these days of accelerating costs and uncertain revenue, making the most of what you already have can enhance the returns from your marketing investment.

Selling with Signs

If done right, signage can be a silent salesperson — never absent and always timely, accurate and focused on the benefits.

Do You See What I See?

Evaluate your store as a customer or secret shopper would. What impacts them the most? What do they look for? What can you do better?

Making Museum Store Marketing an Investment not an Expense

Efficient and effective ways of attracting and retaining key customers.

Selling Through the Internet

A practical, not technical presentation of successful Internet selling strategies.

How To Make Your Museum Store More Profitable (All-day seminar)

This four to five topic seminar can be completely customized.

Ten Deadly Sins of Museum Store Retailing

Potpourri of correctable museum store 'sins'.

Monitoring Your Museum Store

Designed for museum administrators who have responsibility for the store but are not involved in the day-to-day management.

Surefire Ways to Increase Those Highly Profitable Incremental Sales

Ways to increase the average sale.

Five Steps and Five Words to Increased Sales

Simple, sales-increasing selling steps for paid and volunteer salespersons.

Creating a Museum Store Plan of Action

Fast-paced, checklist of factors that affect the success of museum stores.

What's In Store — Museum Store Retailing in the New Millennium

How retailing trends will affect the operation of museum stores.

When to Expand, Contract or Eliminate Product Categories

How to make product category changes that will enhance the profitability of the store.

Selling What Your Visitors Really Want To Buy

Ways to find out what visitors want to buy.

Store Layout and Design Features That Increase Sales

Merchandising, display, layout, color and lighting factors that affect profitability.

The Numbers Game — Making Your Income Statement Work for You

How the analysis of financial statements can lead to sources of greater profits.

The Who, What, Where, When and How of Putting Merchandise on Sale

Squeezing more income from the merchandise on sale.

How To Use An Easy, Money Saving, Merchandise Buying Plan (Open To Buy)

Using this single most important retail management tool to increase profitability.

PIG — Passive Income Generators

Wide variety of profit-generating ideas that require very little personnel attention.

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